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Three Great Vegetarian Taco Recipes

Do you or your friends or family members choose to not eat meat? Here are three great vegetarian taco recipes that taste yummy, even to avid carnivores.

Mushroom Tacos: Slice white button mushrooms in half, or cut portabella mushrooms into bite-sized chunks. Saute the mushrooms in a small amount of butter or oil. Add in some fresh garlic or garlic powder, and cook until the mushrooms are tender. Serve on fried corn tortillas with cilantro and onion.

Tofu Tacos: Drain the moisture from a package of tofu, and cut the tofu into one-inch chunks. Fry in oil until the tofu begins to brown. Toss the tofu in soy sauce, then sprinkle on some garlic powder, cumin, chili powder, and nutritional yeast. Serve on crunchy corn tortilla shells or on soft flour tortillas, and add a little hot sauce for extra spice if desired.

Fake Meat Tacos: Buy a package of commercially-produced meat substitute—Morning Star Farms, Garden Burgers, and Boca Burgers all manufacture a product that's very similar to crumbled up ground beef. It goes by various names like “Recipe Scramblers,” and you can find it in the frozen food section of the grocery store right next to the veggie burgers and fakin' bacon. Cook the meat substitute in a small amount of oil. Add soy sauce, hot sauce, garlic powder, and cumin. To enhance the flavor further, stir in some chopped onion and green bell pepper, too. Serve this taco mixture on fried corn tortillas or in store-bought crispy taco shells.

These recipes are all fairly easy and very delicious. Try one today!