When In Doubt Add Some Guac

When In Doubt Add Some Guac

I admit that growing up, I never tasted an avocado or had guacamole. I was actually in my mid-20’s and had ordered a sandwich as a Mexican deli and they used it in the sandwich. I but down and hit this awesomely tasting squishy fruit and I was hooked.

My Hispanic wife was sitting next to me and I asked her what that green thing was. When she told me it was an avocado, I was floored. Since then, the avocado is my go to garnish for anything and everything Mexican.

It really is one of the most versatile additions to a meal. It can add great flavor to tacos, nachos, enchiladas, and one and on. If you have a blender and few spices, then you can create guacamole and use it as a dip for tortilla or corn chips.

I add it to my steak and chicken recipes. I have even heard of guacamole ice cream, but never had the guts to try it. The funny thing is that if you would give me the fruit by itself, I think it tastes nasty. It’s consistency by itself is disgusting, but if you add it to a food, it’s magical.

Most people add sour cream to their Mexican dishes, but not me. The sour cream is too strong a taste in my opinion and takes away from the main dish. Guacamole has a much lighter flavor and lets you taste the spices in the meat, but without being overpowering.