What to eat when you are sick of tacos

What to eat when you are sick of tacos

A tortilla is a beautiful thing. So are tacos, but you don't only have to make tacos out of tortillas. Unfortunately humans can't live on tacos alone.

Luckily in Mexico there is a huge amount of really good tortilla-based food, many of which use the same ingredients as tacos but come out totally different.Very similar to tacos are gringas, which use flour tortillas and come with a lot of cheese. The meat can be anything but is usually pastor, seasoned pork that is piled up and cooked on big rotating spits outside taco restaurants.

Huarache means sandal, and the food huaraches are big and about sandal sized. The base is a thick tortilla, which is sometimes stuffed with beans. Anything can go on top, but they usually have meat, cilantro, salsa, beans, powdery cheese and nopales, which are cooked cactus leaves.

A thick, small, round hard-fried tortilla stuffed with meat and drenched in hot salsa is a gordita and they are excellent. As with a lot of Mexican food, the best place to eat gorditas is in a market or a little restaurant.

Quesadillas are big plate-sized tortillas folded in half and cooked with a wide variety of fillings, including meat or many vegetables, like mushrooms or zucchini flower (flor de calabaza – one of my favorites).

Finally, you can try a taco arabe – an Arabic taco, so named because it uses a pita-style wrap and specially seasoned meat that comes on the pastor spit, but is different than pastor.